Vladimir Sharich (Šarić) 

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  • Telephone number in Russia: +7(999)8512346
  • Telephone number in Serbia: +381(69)5123478
  • Personal page on VKhttp://vk.com/sharich_v_z
  • Personal page on FBhttp://facebook.com/sharich.v.z
  • Telegram: +7(999)8512346
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  • Signal: +381(69)5123478
  • Skype: sh.v.z


  1. Meaningness
  2. Mathematics
  3. Education

Short ACTUAL summary (what I do now)

  • Chief Academic Officer and Head of the Teaching Department at «Digital Education»/«Cifrium» (cifrium.ru)
  • Teacher at «Foxford» (foxford.ru)
  • Chairman of the Regional Committee for Mathematical Competitions in the Moscow Region
  • Teacher at Department of Mathematical Education at Faculty of Mathematics of Higher School of Economics (hse.ru)
  • Member of jury of mathematical competitions of national and international level 
  • Founder and leader of summer camp «Mathematics in Serbia» 

Bio summary

Date of birth: October 29, 1982

Place of birth: Belgrade (Yugoslavia/Serbia)

Citizenship: Serbia


  • 1989-1997: Primary School Vlada Aksentijević (Belgrade)
  • 1997-1999: Mathematical Grammar School (Belgrade)
  • 1999-2000: Kolmogorov High School (Moscow) 
  • 2000-2005: Moscow State University Lomonosov
    • Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics (Moscow)
    • areas of interest: algebraic geometry, number theory 
    • undergraduate studies, result: specialist's (bachelor's) degree
  • 2010-2012: Higher School of Economics 
    • Faculty of Mathematics (Moscow) 
    • areas of interest: topology, combinatorics, algebra
    • postgraduate studies, result: final exams passed, but thesis not finished 
  • 2013: advanced training program "School for gifted children: mathematics and computer science" (MIPT)
  • 2014: advanced training program "Modern information technologies in the educational process" (MIPT, Yandex)
  • 2015: advanced training program "Educational activity in the context of the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard of Basic General Education"
  • 2015-2017: Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology
    • Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Moscow)
    • areas of interest: discrete mathematics, combinatorics
    • postgraduate studies, result: master's degree

Scans available in this google-folder

Project Work

As a member of jury:

  • Ural Tournament of Young Mathematicians: Cheboksary-2002, Kirov-2003, Kirov-2007
  • Kolmogorov Memorial Cup: Kyshtym-2005, Vsevolozhsk-2006
  • Moscow Mathematical Olympiad: Moscow-2007, Moscow-2008, Moscow-2009
  • Savin Memorial Tournament: Kostroma-2007, Kostroma-2008
  • South Mathematical Tournament: Orlyonok-2008, Orlyonok-2010, Orlyonok-2011, Orlyonok-2012, Orlyonok-2013, Orlyonok-2014
  • Tournament of Regions: Moscow-2005, Moscow-2006, Moscow-2007
  • Mathematical All-around: Moscow-2008*, Moscow-2009*, Moscow-2010*, Moscow-2011*, Moscow-2012*, Moscow-2013*, Moscow-2014*
  • Festival of Young Mathematicians: Sochi-2009, Sochi-2010
  • Serbian Mathematical Olympiad (co-leader of the Russian team): Nish(Serbia)-2010, Belgrade(Serbia)-2011, Belgrade(Serbia)-2012, NoviSad(Serbia)-2013
  • Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad: Maykop-2017, Maykop-2018
  • All-Russian Mathematical Olympiad (final stage): Kislovodsk-2008, Kislovodsk-2009, Maykop-2010, Kazan-2015
  • All-Russian Mathematical Olympiad (regional stage): MoscowRegion-2021*, MoscowRegion-2022*
  • International Mathematical Olympiad: online-2020, Saint-Petersburg-2021
  • Other competitions: Pyeongtaek(Korea)-2010 (NIS Consulting Olympiad), Hurghada(Egypt)-2013 (Christmas Tournament), Moscow-2016 ("Leonardo" Festival), 

As a teacher at a mathematical camp:

  • Kirov Summer Camp: Vishkil-2003, Vishkil-2004, Vishkil-2005, Vishkil-2006, Vishkil-2007
  • Kostroma Summer Camp: AlyeParusa-2006, BerendeevyPolyany-2007, BerendeevyPolyany-2008
  • Kolmogorov School Summer Olympiad Camp: Moscow-2004*, Moscow-2005*, Moscow-2006*, Moscow-2007*, Moscow-2008*, Moscow-2009*, Moscow-2010*, Moscow-2011*, Moscow-2012*
  • Adygheya Summer Camp: Maykop-2010, Maykop-2011,
  • Winter Programming Camp: Dolgoprudny-2010*, Dolgoprudny-2011*, Dolgoprudny-2012*
  • Combinatorics and Algorithms Camp: BerendeevyPolyany-2009, BerendeevyPolyany-2010, BerendeevyPolyany-2011, BerendeevyPolyany-2012
  • NIS Consulting Summer Camp (Korean students): Moscow-2009, Moscow-2010, Pyeongtaek(Korea)-2011, Pyeongtaek(Korea)-2012, Pyeongtaek(Korea)-2013, Pyeongtaek(Korea)-2014
  • MIPT Summer Olympiad Camp: Dolgoprydny-2013*, Dolgoprydny-2014*, Dolgoprydny-2015*, Dolgoprydny-2016
  • MIPT Winter Olympiad Camp: Dolgoprydny-2014*, Dolgoprydny-2015*, Dolgoprydny-2016, Dolgoprydny-2017
  • Foxford Olympiad Camp: Zhemchuzhina(Belarus)-2014*, Mendeleevo-2015*, Mendeleevo-2016, Mendeleevo-2017, Obzor(Bulgaria)-2017, Mendeleevo-2018, Kamchia(Bulgaria)-2018
  • Foxford State Exam Camp: Krasnovidovo-2014*, Mendeleevo-2015*, Mendeleevo-2016, Mendeleevo-2017
  • Sirius: Sochi-2014, Sochi-2015, Sochi-2016
  • Math In Serbia: Belgrade/Pozharevac-2013*, Belgrade/Pozharevac-2014*, Belgrade/Pozharevac-2015*, Belgrade/Pozharevac-2016*, Belgrade/Pozharevac-2017*, Belgrade/Pozharevac-2018*, Belgrade/Pozharevac-2019*
  • Moscow Region Olympiad Camp: Mendeleevo-2021*, Dolgoprudny-2022
  • Other camps: Astana(Kazakhstan)-2007, Kamchatka-2010, Kovrov-2011, Moscow-2012 (Finnish students), Hurghada(Egypt)-2013*, Kokshetau(Kazakhstan)-2013 (Kazakh teachers), Saransk-2014, Cherepovets-2018

* Also as a member of the organizing committee.


  • Lyceum "Second School"
    • 2003-2009: mathematics teacher, 
  • Kolmogorov School — Advanced Educational and Scientific Center of Moscow State University Lomonosov (AESC MSU)  
    • 2004-2010: instructor at the Department of Mathematics,
    • 2010-2013: lecturer at the Department of Mathematics,
      • Courses taught: Algebra, Olympiad Problems
  • Yandex
    • 2009-2011: fellow worker of academic programs group, 
    • 2011-2015: mathematical competitions expert,
  • Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (MIPT),
    • 2010-2012: instructor at the Department for Higher Mathematics,
  • Moscow School №1588 
    • 2014-2015: teacher and scientific advisor at the "Mathematical Gymnasium" project
      • Courses taught: Additional Topics in Mathematics
  • Kapitsa Phystech-Lyceum 
    • 2014-2016: teacher and head of the Department of Mathematics, 
      • Courses taught: Geometry
    • 2016-2017: additional education teacher, 
      • Courses taught: Olympiad Problems
  • Higher School of Economics (HSE) 
    • 2017-2019: teacher at the Department of Mathematical Education at Faculty of Mathematics  
    • 2019-now: lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Education at Faculty of Mathematics 
      • Courses taught: Introduction to Number Theory, Pedagogical Workshop 
  • Foxford/Cifrium 
    • 2011-2016: teacher at Foxford,
      • Courses taught: Algebra, Geometry
    • 2016-2018: teacher and head of the Department of Mathematics at Foxford,
      • Courses taught: Olympiad Problems, Probability, Combinatorics
    • 2018-2020: teacher and head of the Department of Education and Methodology at Foxford,
      • Courses taught: Olympiad Problems 
    • 2020-now: teacher at Foxford, teacher, Chief Academic Officer and head of the Department of Education and Methodology at Cifrium 
      • Courses taught: Olympiad Problems 

Awards and Gratitudes  

  • 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999: prize at the Serbian Mathematical Competition (final stage) 
  • 2000: prize at the Moscow Mathematical Olympiad
  • 2000: prize at the All-Russian Mathematical Olympiad (final stage) 
  • 2004, 2013: gratitude from the Moscow Department of Education 
  • 2009, 2010: laureate of the Dynasty Foundation in the nomination "Young Teacher"
  • 2011, 2012: laureate of the Dynasty Foundation in the nomination "Mentor of Future Scientists"
  • 2014: prize at the Creative Competition of Mathematics Teachers (held by MCCME)
  • 2021: gratitude from the Moscow Region Ministry of Education 

Scans available in this google-folder.

Publications & Conference Presentations

  • 2010: The Classification Problem of Ideas of Solving Mathematical Olympiad Problems
    • Prepared by V. Sharich based on research made by A. Kanel-Belov
      • Plenary presentation at the Conference dedicated to the 50th IMO, Astana (Kazakhstan) 
  • 2012: Team-personal Tournament of Schoolchildren "Mathematical All-Around" 2008-2010
    • Compiled by Yu. Tikhonov, V. Sharich
      • MCCME Publishing House
  • 2012: Teaching Mathematics in Junior Years to the Winners of Olympiads 
    • Author: V. Sharich
      • Presentation at the Second International Conference “Training of Gifted Youth in the Field of Mathematics and Informatics"
  • 2015: Some international educational and competitive events of recent years
    • Authors: N. Pokhodnya, V. Sharich
      • Presentation at the conference "Universities in the system of search and support of mathematically gifted children and youth", Maykop
      • Journal "Problems of Modern Education", MSPU Publishing House (hyperlink)
  • ​2017: Goals and Objectives of Mathematical Olympiads: Science, Sports, Enrollment or Prestige?
    • Author: V. Sharich
      • Presentation at the Cooperative Workshop of Columbia University Teachers College and Moscow State Pedagogical University, New York (USA)
      • Digest "Problems of Modern Mathematical Education", MSPU Publishing House (hyperlink)
      • Digest "Current Issues in Mathematics Education", Columbia University Teachers College Publishing House (hyperlink)
  • 2018: Topics in graph theory 
    • Compiled by A. Voronenko, A. Daynyak, V. Sharich
      • MIPT Publishing House
  • 2018: Distance programs of mathematical orientation
    • Author: V. Sharich
      • Presentation at the Second Academic Conference "Mathematical Talent and Mathematical Education", Maykop 
  • 2020: Conducting remote mathematical competitions
  • 2021: Existence of Monochromatic Simplices of Given Volume in a Colored Rational Lattice
    • Authors: V. Sharich, A. Kanel-Belov, I. Reshetnikov
  • 2021: The Foxford Online School Experience


  • chess
    • 1990: learnt the rules
    • 1993: started to read books about chess
    • 1995-1997: attended chess school 
    • 1997-2001: played intensively, unofficial ELO probably about 1800
    • 2001-now: played rarely, current unofficial ELO probably about 1600
  • nature tourism 
    • 2001: participant of an amateur week-long water trip along the Tvertsa River, 
    • 2002: participant of an amateur ten-day hike along the Altai Mountain, 
    • 2003: participant of an amateur ten-day hike along the Eastern Sayan Mountains, 
    • 2004: participant in an amateur week-long water trip along the Western Dvina River, 
    • 2006: participant of an amateur week-long water trip along the Reseta River,  
  • city tourism: Kirov-2005, Pskov-2005, Kharkov-2006, NizhnyNovgorod-2006, Tver-2006, Chelyabinsk-2007, Kurgan-2007, Izhevsk-2007, Tula-2008, Voronezh-2008, Yaroslavl-2009, Kostroma-2011, Minsk-2014, Prague-2016, Kazan-2016, Sevastopol-2017, Paris-2017, Sofia-2018, Vienna-2019, Paris-2019, Bucharest-2019, Ekaterinburg-2020, Sortavala-2021
  • 2010-now: member of the Moscow Club of Entrepreneurs "Delovar"


Mathematical competitions and teaching mathematics (interview, in Russian)


The proof of existence of the linear representation of GCD (fragment of a lecture, in English — for HSE)


Teaching mathematics online (presentation at a conference, in Russian)